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live inplay bettingUpdated In June, 2021 - Live in-play betting is a somewhat new edition to the world of online sports betting. Sportsbooks with live or in-play betting are growing pretty common in 2014 though. The leading online sports betting sites for in-play action are Bovada, Topbet and Betonline. These three are also online U.S. sportsbooks. I'm an American and I have been using their live inplay betting platforms for a long time. Live betting has become something more than just another way to place bets. In-play wagering is like a completely new type of sports betting. Why bet on the outcome of a whole game when you can bet on the outcome of the next at-bat or the next play? In-play betting is like regular sports betting on steroids. If you have to check statistics, shop for better lines or consult betting tips sites before you place a wager I strongly suggest you go back to the regular section at your sports book.

People like you cannot handle the high-speed nature of live wagering. I'm sure you also do poorly in speed games and your speedometer has never registered anything over 65 MPH. Speed betting is not for the faint of heart or bettors who do will not risk money on gut instinct wagers. is the top guide on live and in-play betting. We also have review for the best live sports betting sites and sportsbooks that have the in-play or live betting feature in 2014. Here is a list of US online sports betting sites and sportsbooks that have live and in-play betting. To learn about the latest promotions at US sports books in 2014 like and you should check out this American sports betting news site.

Best Live In-play Sportsbooks & betting sites online

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Live Betting Tips - In-play Wagering Strategy

Consistently winning money from live wagering is not beyond anyone's' ability. Some have called inplay betting a feature for the unskilled and unknowledgeable. They are mistaken. Most online sports bettors do not spend hours every day studying injury reports or historical statistics. Regular bettors who do this certainly have an edge over those who do not but all of that stuff is almost meaningless with live betting. It still helps to be knowledgeable on player and team stats but the types of wagering you will be making will require good sports betting instincts. I'll use live MLB baseball betting as an example.

  • Outcome of this at-bat - Single:+395, Double: +995, Triple: +1600, Strike-Out: +355, Walk: +755, Air/Ground Out: +255 and Home run: +1985

What factors will you look at when choosing which in-play wager to bet on? The batter's historical stats? The team's stats? Of course not. For one there is no time and for two it is irrelevant. Here are some live in-play betting tips and strategies.

  • The batter's last at-bat performance.
  • How does the batter look? Tired? Did he get hit at his last plate appearance? Is he using the proper stance? Did the wind pick up or change direction? Is the crowd booing or cheering?

You can use all of these factors to determine how to bet. You only have seconds to place the live bet so you won't be able to think everything through. You will have to go with your gut instinct. If you have good instincts or you are just lucky you can win a lot of money through in-play betting at online sports betting sites.

The best Live Betting odds - in-play betting lines

Which online sportsbooks have the best live betting lines and odds? You really don't have time to shop for the top in-play wagering odds while the game is in progress. Online betting sites also do not have time to compete with each other over who has the best live betting odds. I have been a big fan of live inplay betting since it was first offered at an online betting site several years ago. I probably place 75-100 live wagers every week and I have narrowed the list of the best live betting sites down to three U.S. sports books. Bovada, Top Bet and Bet Online each have an excellent live betting platform, quick US payouts, easy deposit methods, solid reputations and they generally have the best live sports betting odds and lines available online in 2014. Other live bookmakers tend to play it safe when it comes to creating lines for live betting. Creating lines on the fly isn't easy so they play it safe by giving low odds on everything.

A live bet like "Will a point be scored in the 8th inning?" might have these odds at other sports books: Yes: -200, No: -110. Those are pretty bad lines. A bookie like Bovada Sports will give these odds: Yes: -120, No: +165. If you had bet $1,000 on "No" at the other online sports betting site you would have won $500. At Bovada you would win $833. If you had successfully bet $1k on "Yes" at the typical live sports book the payout would only be $909 but at Bovada it would be $1,650. It is hard to say who has the best live betting odds between Bovada, BetOnline and Topbet. I can tell you that in-play betting lines at other sportsbooks are 25-50% less than at these books. You will essentially be losing $.25-$.50 on every $1 wagered if you place live inplay bets anywhere except, and They are the two US sports betting sites for a reason.