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live sports betting sites 2014Updated In June, 2021 - Not all online sportsbooks offer live in-play betting so that makes finding the best live betting sites much easier. I can also rule out many of the Euro bookmakers because their live betting options are generally inferior to those a US sportsbooks in 2014. The best places for live or in-play sports betting will obviously be online sportsbooks accepting USA in 2014 with good reputations, competitive lines and quick payouts. By that criteria there are only a few bookmakers that qualify and they each happen to have superb live betting features. Live wagering at the Bovada sportsbooks, Topbet sportsbook and Betonline sportsbook is far better than anything else online in 2014. The live betting lines, in-play platforms and live betting options at these three sports betting sites are far better than what other books offer. The fact that these three U.S. friendly books also have solid reputations, fast U.S. withdrawal options and big bonuses is simply icing on the cake. You really won't find a better sportsbook for live in-play betting online in 2014.

The Best Live Sports Betting Sites - In-play sportsbooks

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Live sports betting sites for US citizens in 2014

I think that the best live sports betting site for US citizens in 2014 is Bovada. Their in-play betting platform is easier to use then the other two but it is more than that. Live betting lines at the Bovada sports book tend to be slightly better than the other two live bookmakers. However, BetOnline has quicker US payouts and Topbet has better live betting promotions so it really is a toss us. The US in-play sports betting site at is also home to the largest US poker room and casino in 2014. Read our live in-play betting tips and strategies before you place any wagers. Here are some live betting bonuses at the top inplay sportsbooks.

  • Bovada live betting bonus - An instant 50% free bet bonus. Claim up to $250 in instant live sports betting money when you use our link to visit
  • Betonline live betting free play + deposit bonus - Place your first live in-play wager at the BetOnline sportsbook and claim a $25 free play. This does NOT count as your deposit bonus, this is a special offer on your first live wager. New depositors who use our link will also receive unlimited 25% bonuses up to $900 every time they deposit at Bet Online. You can also receive a $50 free-play on your first mobile bet. Use this link to visit to claim these bonuses.
  • Topbet live betting bonus - You can claim $10 for free when you Like/Follow Top Bet on FB and Twitter. You can also claim a 50% match bonus up to $250 and many reloads when you use our link to visit Top Bet has the easiest to clear sportsbook bonuses online.

USA sportsbooks with live betting platforms in 2014

USA sportsbooks with live betting platforms are not very common in 2014. Sportsbooks are not like poker sites or casinos. There are not hundreds of them online. I have listed the best online sportsbooks with in-play betting on this page. There are a couple other live betting sites open to Americans in 2014 but they have crappy reputations, 3-4 month payouts and unfair policies. Places like may have inplay betting but they also have a reputation for closing the accounts - and sometimes seizing the money - of sports bettors who win on a regular basis. They use a variety of reasons to justify this action. Security issues, multiple accounts and fraud come to mind. Not all sports books do this but if you choose to bet at a bookmaker outside of the big three listed on this page you are taking a huge risk. It is better to stick with the trusted books. It's more than that though. Bovada, Top Bet and Bet Online simply have the best live betting features, lines, platforms and odds in this business.