Live Betting Strategy

Tips & Strategies For Live In-Play Betting Online

live betting tipsUpdated In June, 2021 - Live betting strategies that win money on a regular basis are hard to explain. In-play betting is fast paced and each live sports betting site has their own handicappers who create the wager and the lines. Your live betting experience at the Bovada sportsbook will be quite different from your experience at Topbet or Betonline. Live football betting is also extremely different from live baseball betting. There are no specific wagering strategies or tactics I can share. Live betting systems simply do not exist because wagering on the next plate appearance is so different from wagering on the entire game. There are some general in-play betting tips I can share though. These generalized strategies can be very useful and profitable. The first live wagering tip I want to share is about choosing an online sportsbook for live betting. Live betting lines and odds can be twice as good at the leading sports betting sites. A successful $10 live bet may have a $20 payout at most books but if you placed the same wager at Bovada, Bet Online or TopBet you could win $40. Choosing the right live sportsbook is just as important as the outcome you bet on. Since the best live sports betting sites have payouts 25-50% larger than the rest you can essentially bet $50-$75 to win what other bookmakers would pay on a $100 bet. This make a big difference. Here are the best live betting sportsbooks for Americans and ROW (rest of world) bettors/punters in 2014: Use our links for free live bets and bonuses.

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Live Betting Tip #1 - Small wagers vs large wagers

in-play betting strategy tipsSome successful sports bettors claim that quality is more important than quantity. I disagree, at least when it comes to the fast paced nature of live inplay betting. You do not have the ability to find sure things with live betting. If you can spend a week studying lines and stats then placing one large wager on the outcome of a game is smart. In-play betting is different. More luck is involved. You are betting on the outcome of a single play appearance or a single play in football. The best batter or the best offenses regularly fail to get on base or get the first down and you wouldn't be able to say "OMG, how did that happen!". Betting on a sure thing on the outcome of an entire game is different. What I am trying to say is that there is a much larger variance with live betting. You don't want to risk a large amount of money on any single bet. My best tip for in-play betting is to spread your money out. Ten $10 live wagers is much safer than one $100 wager.

In-Play betting tip #2 - wager selection

Just because placing many wagers instead of just one is the best live betting strategy doesn't mean that you should bet on every in-play wagering option. You should be selective. Betting on every single play is unrealistic. You should always have a reason when you place a live bet. It will usually be "gut instinct" but that is much better than just randomly placing 200 wagers on a single game. I recommend placing 10 live bets per 30 minutes. That would bring the total up to 30 live wagers for a full game. You must be able to rationalize every wager you make.

Proper selection is also about finding the right ratio between high probability/low payout bets and long shot wagers. You should wager on a baseball player not getting on base more than you bet on him hitting a home run. The lines and payouts for home runs and touchdowns may be massive but a good in-play betting system involves more practical bets. Risking $100 to win $50 (plus the initial $100) on an outcome that is very likely to happen should be your bread and butter. It should account for 75% of your live betting profits. Placing 2-3 bets out of every 10 on things like a home run or a fumble recovery is fine. You just need to hit one out of every 100-200 to make a profit.

Live Wagering Strategy Tips #3 - bankroll management

live betting tipsLive sports betting is just like casino gambling and poker. You want to set goals and limits. If you are up $500 by halftime of the game between the Bears and Lions you will probably want to slow down or even stop betting all together. You should set a maximum win or maximum loss rule at the start of each betting system. Bankroll management in sports betting is just as important as betting strategies. If you have a $500 bankroll you will want to set your maximum win at something like $250. How many of us have won a lot of money but instead of walking away a winner we decided to place even more wagers, bigger wagers and ultimately ended up losing everything? You also do not want to lose your entire live betting bankroll in a single session. Risk 10-25% of your total sportsbook balance per game. If you are having a run of bad luck at live in-play betting you should minimize your losses and run. You can always catch the next game and try again.