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live betting linesUpdated In June, 2021 - Live betting odds are a very different beast from normal sports betting odds. Vegas does not put out a line for if the Bears will get a first down on their third possession of the game. There is no template, guide or formula for sports betting sites and sportsbooks to determine how much they should pay out on in-play wagers. There are no systems available that will determine the proper line on Pablo Sandoval getting a double on his first plate appearance in the 4th inning. online sportsbooks with in-play sports betting do not have to be exact though. An outcome that will occur 50% of the time does not have to have an even money payout. Live betting sportsbooks just need to generate an equal amount of action so they pay the winners with the losers' money, and keep the small betting fee for themselves.

I've talked to some professional handicappers about creating lines and odds on the fly. They are not big fans of in-play wagering because they are the people who come up with the bets and lines for sports betting sites. When a handicapper dislikes something it is usually good for sports bettors. This guide on live in-play betting lines and odds will look at two things: which sportsbooks have the best live betting lines and how in-play betting lines/odds work. These U.S. sportsbooks offer live betting in 2014 and are home to the best in-play betting odds and lines. US friendly bookmakers dominate the live online betting industry right now. Euro books tend to play it safe and offer crappy odds and limited live wagering options.

The Best Live Sports Betting Sites - In-play sportsbooks

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the best odds for live sports betting online in 2014

Live inplay betting sites do not offer the same exact wagering opportunities so you can't simply compare the lines and odds for a bet at various sportsbooks to find out who has the best lines or odds. You may find a bet that is similar but there are many factors to consider. For example, Bovada may have an in-play wager on the Bears getting a first down on a certain play. Bet Online will have the same bet but it will be for a different play. Score, field position, time and many other factors will change the odds of a certain outcome happening so if BetOnline has a larger payout on a first down bet that doesn't mean they have better line wagering lines. The common consensus among Internet sports bettors and punters (what they call bettors in Europe) is that Bovada, TopBet and BetOnline have the best live sports betting odds. Novices to in-play betting should read out live betting strategy and tips guide before placing real money wagers online.

how do live betting lines & odds work?

Sportsbooks with in-play betting use the same formula for regular and live bets. They are shown in the moneyline format. The number displayed will either have a + sign or a - sign.

  • +275 - This means that you will win $275 for every $100 wagered.
  • -275 - This means that you will have to wager $275 to win $100.

The minimum wager is not $100. This can be scaled down easily. If you bet $10 on the first one you will win $27.50, or you can wager $27.50 to win $10 if the line is -275. It is really quite simple. There are no point spreads in live sports betting so once you have mastered this you won't have any troubles.